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8 Reasons why you should stay in a short-term rental over a hotel

Short-term rentals (aka airbnbs, vacation homes, unique stays etc.) have come a long way from booking someone’s cottage through a newspaper ad or couch surfing your way through Europe. Many of the popular booking platforms now help give travellers access to enjoyable, unique and safe stays. Identifications are verified, communications are tracked, and trusted payment methods are used so guests as well as hosts are protected.

Typical short-term rental advantages over hotels include more space, better amenities, kitchens, lower cost, a washer & dryer, and much more.

A vacation rental—whether a home, cottage, apartment, condo, boat, yurt, shared space, or other property—represents tremendous value, compared to hotels, for flexible, adventurous travel consumers.

Here are some of the reasons why we love short term rentals

(and why we stay in them too!)

#1 - More Space

An example that is usually top of mind, is that short-term rentals are better than hotels, because of space. For a family of 4 to sleep comfortably you must stay in an expensive suite or book 2 rooms. However, you can find a 2- or 3-bedroom house for a much lower price.

#2 - There’s a kitchen

All our short-term rentals have full kitchens, so guests have the option of preparing some meals, thus slashing their eating out budget and eating healthier.

#3 - Airbnb amenities are usually better than hotels

Rental properties often have better amenities that are unavailable at hotels (or cost money)—such as bicycles, canoes or kayaks, views (oceanfront or lush gardens), convenient (and free) parking, better entertainment (TV, premium channels, sound system), private hot tub / spa, games and more.

#4 - Another Airbnb advantage is a washer and dryer

Our family can travel with only carryon baggage knowing that we can do laundry every 3-4 days in our rental properties. In fact, it is kind of fun trying to figure out appliances in Bangkok, Rome, Orlando, or wherever in the world we are.

#5 - Airbnb properties are in neighborhoods

Vacation rentals are typically located in local neighborhoods (rather than tourist areas, where hotels are) so they are more authentically fun, restaurants and shops charge less, and people are naturally friendlier.

#6 - Airbnb owners provide better info to guests

Information provided by vacation property owners is more appropriate (and customized!) than what I extract from hotel staff. For instance, homeowners recommend more down-to-earth (authentic, local favorite) restaurants than hotel concierges (trendy, touristy).

#7 - Airbnb properties offer more value

Vacation rental prices are usually lower than hotel rooms of comparable quality. Our Airbnb rental in Simcoe, ON has 4 bedrooms with plush mattresses, luxurious towels, amazing showers and bathrooms, two levels, full kitchen, patio, hot tub and steam sauna, multiple seating areas, private entrance, parking, and many custom touches. Or for the same price, you can book 2 rooms at the nearby 3-star hotel that serves lukewarm coffee in the morning. You decide.

#8 - Airbnbs have free wifi (and faster wifi, too!)

Good, working wifi, too, not crappy pretend hotel wifi. A common hotel complaint is costly and ineffective wifi. Every vacation rental I have stayed at had strong and free wifi. Most also had extended cable, Netflix, and/or other fantastic entertainment options.

Ready to book your next getaway now?!? Check out our availability.


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