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What can you do in Norfolk County, Ontario?

Norfolk County may not be on everyone’s radar (yet!) so we’ve collated a list of many of the places to go or things you can do while staying at Norfolk House.

If you have never visited Norfolk County before (or are just looking for new things to do!) here are some of our favourite places to go and other things to check out during your visit. From petting Alpacas, picking lavender, checking out markets and museums there’s something for everyone!

If you’re a little more adventurous you can go rafting on the Grand River, treetop trekking or mountain biking. There are also many maps for cycle tours (on any kind of bike!) We have also listed some great beaches and parks you can explore.

And what “Vacation To Do List” wouldn’t be complete without the top wineries and breweries you can visit!

Places To Go

Things To Do

Beaches And Parks




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