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How to review your stay at a short-term rental (airbnb)

Reviews are vital to our success as property owners — they’re also an important way for guests and hosts to give each other feedback. We love hosting and enjoy being a small part of of our guests lives while they make memories staying in our properties.

We are always available for guests during their stay and if something is broken, missing, or not as expected we want to hear about it straight away. Our properties are all thoroughly cleaned and inspected before each guest arrives, but things happen sometime that are out of our control, and we never want our guests to just “make do” if we can make it right! We strive to always offer a five-star experience.

Airbnb Star Rating Explanation

Airbnb ratings are not the same as the classic hotel rating system, in fact if a host is under a 4.3 stars average, the account can be deactivated and future stays cancelled. Your review matters and seriously impacts hosts and their future guests. To give you a better understanding of the Airbnb rating system consider the following guide:

Review Categories:

  • Overall experience (how was your stay?)

  • Cleanliness (was the place clean and tidy?)

  • Accuracy (was it accurately represented with up-to-date photos and info?)

  • Check-in (was it easy?)

  • Communication (did the host respond to messages promptly?)

  • Location (were you made aware of safety, transportation, points of interest and special considerations like noise or other situations that might affect your stay?)

  • Value (was it worth the price?)

  • Amenities (was everything promised in the listing available and in good, working condition?)

Not sure what to write?

The best reviews are helpful ones. Think about what you’d want to know before booking a stay or welcoming someone into your place. Highlight things like:

  • Your interactions with the Host and their associates—were they pleasant and respectful?

  • Anything that made the stay special, like cleanliness, personal touches, convenience, amazing coffee

  • Practical info: Was the Host helpful and available? Were you thrilled with the location? Was the listing accurate?


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